20th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

The end of 2nd Ashra ( 10 days period ) of Ramadan – 2011 witnessed a rather quiet and calm day. Embedded with light showers around the city , witnessing many people embracing Aitekaaf after Maghrib Prayers. I tell you my take on Aitekaaf and the benefits one can easily attain without investing much during the time of Aitekaaf.

For those who are not familiar with the word, Aitekaaf signifies the time that you spend in isolation in a masjid or at home, giving yourself completely to Almighty ALLAH, praising him, reciting Holy Quran, understanding the true meaning of Islam, spending time to analyse yourself with no interruption from outside world. Usually men observe it in Masaajid but women designate a place in their homes where they can fully observe Aitekaaf.

ALHAMDULILLAH I have had the chance of observing it multiple times and the experience has been different and full of learning every single time. When you commit to ALLAH that you are cutting yourself from the outside world because you would like to spend some alone time with HIM, HE welcomes you whole heartedly. There is no cellphone, no internet, no phone calls, no travelling, no talks, no walks. Its only you and HIM. You can spend hours talking to HIM and HE would listen to you. You can shed endless tears in front of HIM and HE would keep collecting all of them, giving you back the peace you have always wanted. You can ask for as many things as you want and no wonder HE would grant you the best of what you deserve. You understand yourself better, you are far more relaxed and competent to move ahead in life, you discover the spirituality inside you, you have time to reflect on your mistakes and improvise yourself for a better ending. Try it. Once. For a day may be or a whole week. Your facebook and Twitter can keep you connected with the whole world but your soul needs to be connected with Almighty by spending some of such days in your life. Believe me, once the connection is made, its eternal . Its divine. Its beautiful too. ALLAH doesn’t mind how much time you give HIM. HE does mind how much time you spend with HIS people on this earth, helping them and making them happy. :)

I had a chance to get a good sleep, eat good, spend time with family and helping myself feel better. You always need one of such days once in a while. Always. If you haven’t had such a day yet, try making one now. Its as easy as boiling an egg. ( Post iftar hunger attack made me say that :) )
Today’s trial.

Date : 20th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Chef Sara

I made smile : Myself. It is very important to give time to yourself these days when you are occupied with so much work and social pressure from people around you. Self-time always works.

I prayed for : The poor souls who were victimized in different areas of Karachi. 


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