21st Ramadan 1432 Hijri

One of those average days when you haven’t had enough of sleep , yet end up having a productive and chill day. Today was like that. I was really looking forward to today’s radio programme since I had to talk about Ashfaq Ahmed , the renowned and highly acclaimed philosopher and writer of Urdu literature. The founder of the guiding light for me, Zavia. The creator of Aik Muhabbat Sou afsaane. I can go on and on without stopping, talking about this personality who will always be my mentor for all my writings and all small acts of kindness that I might end up with at any point in my life . Since roads were closed today due to Youm-e-Ali, I had to walk for about 20 minutes to reach home, which itself was tiring but I got to see the live security measures that were being taken for the processions coming in from different parts of the city.

At iftaar, I was talking to my family about how inventions have made our human connections so disoriented that we do not prefer meeting each other rather send a text message to ask the other person if he or she is O.K. We were recalling the times when there used to be one telephone in the entire building and the neighbours would come and ask if they could make a phone call. They would even ask how much we will charge to which we used to reply that it was absolutely free of cost and that’s how we used to make a beautiful place in the hearts of the people around us. I remember my friend coming over at my place just to check her emails when she didn’t have computer. This way we would meet and spend quality time together. Also when one of my uncles went abroad for studies, he asked us to arrange a weekly voice chat session with my aunt at our home and we accepted the offer whole heartedly. This way we could meet her every week and talk to Uncle at the same time. :)

Things were simpler and purer back then. When technology was not so common. We used to value what we had and appreciate what we were blessed with. We didn’t take anything for granted rather thanked Almighty for being so kind on us to send His blessings to our way. We need to become the same people now. Simple and purer. Loving and caring. Passionate and compassionate. Good human beings. :)

Today’s diary :

Date : 21st Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : My tailor.
I made smile : My collegues by telling them my childhood stories when we used to do doll marriages.
I prayed for : A neighbour who deceased last night. May ALLAH rest his soul in peace .

Spread the love! Its simple!


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