Post EID Saga

EID Mubarak Folks!

Today is the last day of the holiday season and I must say these were the days that are worth mentioning and to be talked about. Although with every single person I came across or texted with or made a phone call to, I ended up asking How was your EID and mixed response from everyone helped me in concluding that the charm of the festivities of EID is not over yet. In many years to come even when life would be so mechanical and techno-dependent, we will have this one occasion to meet people in person and appreciate the blessings of almighty that he presents during Ramadan.

It doesn’t take us even a single minute to come out of Ramadan mode. We all have this mode inside us that triggers us to do good deeds, be all nice, give charity, offer prayers, smiling at everyone, controlling our aggression and almost every single thing that could make us a possible good human-cum-Muslim. As soon as we get to know about Chaand from our very own moon sighting committee, we jump out of our own selves as if we had been waiting for this moment the entire Ramadan. We get ready, take our cars out, start fighting and abusing on streets, plan parties, skip prayers and come back to our own mode that we had a month ago. The question is, Why so soon? Why can’t the peace and serenity inside us remain for a while? Why is it so easy to let go all that we have earned in just a single go?

We have become so dynamic and inconsistent with time that events happening around us have stopped making us realize the true beauty of life. This is the game of nature my friends. The way we treat things and events around us, they would treat back in the same manner. We take Ramadan for granted and it does the same. It goes away in a blink, leaving us behind empty handed. We break the rules and then when we look for law and order , we don’t find it anywhere. We litter our streets and roads and when flies invade our premises, we have no way out to keep them away. Its the cycle of nature that proves the fact that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Think about it. Think about yourselves, your surroundings, your area, your own home. Think about what you are giving back and how much you should expect to get back.

This was the post EID post. The first one. Hoping to keep the momentum alive from today onwards. :)

Spread the love!! Learn it if you don’t know how to. But try making an effort. You surely can!

( Picture Courtesy : Muhammad Abdullah )



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