30-day trial, My learnings!

Greetings folks!

Its been really really terribly long since I wrote something in prose ( since I have been writing poetry quite often ). Well this idea came randomly in my mind couple of days back and I decided to give it a shot. From tomorrow onwards, I will be posting 30 very important things that I learnt from 30 different people on earth. I think it is good to be accredited for your contributions in anyone’s life. I have a firm belief that such acknowledgements bring you closer to the people and takes your comfort level to a completely different level. Also learning never stops with age. It actually grows with time. Ironically when life has very less to offer to you at a very young age, you tend to grasp every single thing around and you can keep it forever with you. With passing time and circumstances, learnings of life grow gradually whereas your capacity to learn and absorb them declines, leaving you behind with the same old things you had learned once. The best way to go about is to have the flexibility of being a student all your life. It brings about the want, desperation and need to learn stuff from people, life, experiences and books around you. It brings about the humbleness inside you to appreciate what others have to offer. It also brings about the sense of appreciation towards life and GOD for granting you with life worth living for yourself and for others.

By the way, Happy teachers day to everyone. Everyone is a teacher at some or the other point in life. We just don’t see it inside us and fail to discover our potential of giving away what we have. Try finding that amazing person who is learned enough to bless the world with something productive and innovative to make it a better place to live. :)

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