An apple a day…

Steve Jobs , the entire world started talking about him today when the news of his sudden death had broken on all social networking websites. I being a huge fan, an admirer and an avid gadget lover was nevertheless in quite a state of shock when I heard this sad news. Steve Jobs for me, is more than an inspiration. He was not a motivational speaker or a trainer. He was just a believer. A person who believed in change in time.

Just like everybody else, I wouldn’t want to get into the details of his life and tell you all about him. Rather I would write about what difference has he made in my life on a personal level.

I didn’t know who Steve Jobs was until one day a friend of mine asked me to listen to this . I referred to the written version of the speech which helped me comprehend his words in a better way.  I own an ipod shuffle and an Ipod touch but ‘I’ never knew that the man behind these products would be such a genius and someone with an interesting life story. He was somebody with a vision, determination, competence and tolerance. To bear the hardships of life. To see the life as a maniac. To have the passion of changing the world upside down and to be the agent of change and a symbol of innovation for the entire universe. Steve made me belief that If I am a crazy person, with unique characteristics and the desire to do something crazily innovative, then I am born to lead sooner or later. He made me belief in my own self rather than following anyone else’s footsteps. He made me think out of the box which I would be calling “i-box”. He taught me that failures are integral parts of life and their absence is an alarming situation. Failures teach you best of all lessons of life. He taught me to survive the toughest times of my life without shedding a single tear.

An apple a day, will make me remember Jobs everyday. Rest in Peace!

Presenting Steve Jobs! You rock my friend and You always will!


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