Learned the choice of words-2

Day 2- 30 Day My learnings trial.

This post may not be as long but keeping the story short and sweet, I am sure the message would be communicated in the best possible way.

So Me and my friend Hamza Zafar were talking about a conference and the possibilities of getting partners on board. I came up with the name of one of the blogging places and asked him if he is working ‘for’ them. His instant reply was,

I don’ t work for them, I work with them. We are a team.:)”

Before today, I had an entirely different perspective of a team. A group of people given a particular task, working together, qualified for a team in my eyes. And they certainly work under someone’s supervision and under some banner and name of an organization which is obvious. Hamza made me learn to own the place as if it is your own and you are working with everybody else around you , not for anyone. This very minor difference can eradicate all the conflicts that lie between supervisors and sub-ordinates and provides a healthy environment in an organization to carry forward its mandate, helping in increasing the productivity.

Choice of words really matters when you are interacting with people on any level. Be it friendship, workplace, family or communicating with GOD, choose the best words to convey your message. It is said that whatever you say, stays in the atmosphere and is echoed for certain amount of time. Why not echo the words of love, affection, beauty, serenity, peace, wisdom and piety in the world where all we hear is the dreadful noise of bombing, shelling, hatred, complaints and depression? Its direly needed my friends.

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