Learned to be courteous -1

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The Alchemist,  page 23, by Paulo Coelho

I have always believed in the fact that setting up your mind for something with your heart n soul in it, circumstances and situations create themselves according to your will and desire to make your wishes come true. There is a whole science behind it that I will discuss sometime but right now, an interesting story to begin with today in my 30 day Learning trial.

Here I am, conducting my regular solo morning show, playing Saturday Special upbeat tracks as per listener’s taste, chipping in some of my favourite numbers too that include Pakistani Pop and Rock numbers. It was 9.30 A.M when my CO-RJ Sarim arrived and it was a happy thing to see him since I could go off the panel and just enjoy talking. He came in and told me that he was listening to my show on his way, while talking to the taxi driver, Asif Bhai. Now Asif Bhai being a radio fan, complained to Sarim that you guys don’t play good music, emphasizing on the Indian numbers that are not played much but liked by masses. Sarim asked him his choice in reply to which Asif bhai had requested him to play 3 songs. One of them I had already played, which was Tere Mast Mast Do Nain. The twist came in when Sarim searches for Saajan mera us paar hai from the movie ‘Ganga Jamna Sarasvati’. I gave him a wierd cum surprise look, asking him what in the world had happened to his music taste. Apparently Sarim had not listened to the song before and as soon as he played it, there was a sound of Shehnai which totally depicted the typical bollywood shadi song tune. It sounded like a light torture for 4 something minutes. Imagine listening to good Pakistani pop and rock tracks and here comes a number to make you dream about your Saajan. Big disaster right?

As soon as the track ended, we played another number which was fairly acceptable by a variety of audience and by us too. Sarim received a call on his number from none other than Asif bhai right after we played the tracks he had requested. It was such a joy and pleasure to hear him saying that he was so happy to hear his name and his favourite tracks on radio. Ofcourse it was a happy feeling from inside yet I was feeling quite annoyed because of the Saajan song. Sarim said something to me that completely eradicated all the guilt and disappointment in just a minute.

He said, sometimes we have to go out of the way to make someone happy. Asif bhai is such a nice guy and I cannot turn down his request because the way he asked me to play the songs, really showed his love and affection for the numbers. You never know what impact we would have on him if we say yes to what he is requesting for. When would you get a chance again to do something like this?

It surely taught me something about human values. Something unique and out of the blue that I never thought about. I perceive people the way I look at things but this little funny moment taught me to see the world as others see and feel it, incorporating your wisdom in it to make things better .

We managed to spread the love through radio. You can do it too :)

Here’s a treat for you all. !!


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