Learned to be patient -3

Here we go with yet another day that was full of learning and work and a day that satisfied my inside professional skills after quite a long time.

It was yesterday when we had this grand event for teachers and students from all over Karachi to celebrate their success stories on completion of their Online and Social Action Projects. Well I was in the management team and it was my first experience of doing registrations in any event. It is usually O.K to deal with one person at a time but when it comes to a flock of people , specially students and teachers, you need to have a real hard control on your nerves. So I was accompanied by my colleague and things were fine until this lady came in who was already in a nasty mood. She immediately told us that she had some issues with our administration regarding the project and we had no clue what to do. There were teachers coming in at full pace and this lady just won’t shut up! Well I took the responsibility to calm her down a bit with my nice gestures and a big smile, keeping my mind and my aggression miles away and dealing with her psychologically, I took her to the concerned person and finally by the end of the day she went home satisfied. Meanwhile when I came back, there were tons of teachers waiting to get registered with multiple questions running in their heads to which I needed to have an immediate reply. One by one entertained them all and finally when I got done with the registration process, I realized this is one of the major responsibilities on anyone’s head.

Public dealing can only be learnt when you are in the field. You cannot learn it from books. But the people themselves teach you how you can deal with them. You need to keep your ears and eyes open to everything that comes across you. Opportunity seeks you itself if you are really looking forward to availing one. Once you believe in it, you would see magical differences in your life.

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