Learned from a beggar-4

I wonder why don’t we appreciate the blessings around us as much we appreciate the useless things around. This incident happened on a bright hot Sunday evening when I was on my way from University to Tariq Road. I usually have this habit of taking out the money from ATM and then going to a store to buy something that ends me up with change cash. ( khulle paise ). So took the auto to a store, bought chocolates and a water bottle and went straight away to the auto-wala and gave him a 100 Rupee Note. Surprisingly he did not have the change in his pocket and he completely refused to move around any further and talk to anyone else for getting the change. All of a sudden a beggar lady with her colleague ( yeah that was her co-worker as they were doing business together) , came up to me and asked for some money. Auto-wala’s mind clicked and he asked her if she had 100 Rupee change. I asked the auto-wala to stop fooling around and look elsewhere. How in the world would that lady have change of a 100 Rupee Note? I don’t know what she murmured but she took out a very elegant jeans satchel out of her veil, unzipped it and she managed to give a 50 Rupee note with 4 tens. I gave her 10 Rupees as a complimentary commission for saving my time and proving auto-wala’s faith on her. Then I walked away with a big smile on my face. :)

This incident helped me understand the uses of keeping changed money in your pocket no matter where you are going. You need to make sure you have handful of change. You never know you can come across the best “Bun-Kebab wala” on your way who would make you so tempted to have it that you can’t hold yourself back. You might want to have a chilled lemon drink from the “Thela” and fail to do so because you only have a 500 Rupee Note. It is good to be a local person sometimes. Just for the sake of experience, you need to try all the crazy things out there. Wishful thinking can be of any kind, this crazy kind being one of them :)

Blessings for you all.

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