Learned from Sahir Lodhi -5

Sahir Lodhi? Are you serious? Are you in your senses or are you in love for some reason?

Well these are some common questions that I might come across after posting this and after people are going to view this post. If you keep your eyes and ears open to learning from anyone , you can even learn from Sahir Lodhi too :)

He is a nice guy if you hear him on radio and not picture him saying whatever he is saying. My mother usually tunes into his program when we are out of electricity and there is nothing better to do. I was reading a very interesting book while he was taking calls from a variety of listeners. I merely pay attention most of the time. Until he started playing “Tujhe Bhula Diya” with some words of wisdom in the background. His usual lovey dovey talks are pretty much of same stature and calibre but he captivated my attention by quoting something so true and so influential that I decided to dedicate this blog post to him.

It went like when you really love someone, and when they leave you. That moment and that emptiness after the person helps you in learning and striving so much that possibly cannot be achieved by something else. We usually relate our broken relationships with bad memories. If we are of the perception that leaving love is going to make you a better person altogether, it will do that for sure. :)

This world is all about love and compassion and different aspects and different faces of it. We fail to extract the essence out of small things around us. Which is a shame and an insult of our own selves. I’d say, explore love, seek love, fight love, derive love, produce love, multiply love and once you have enough of it, Spread the love! :)

I shall be starting a new segment on my show very soon and would love to get your feedback on it. It would be a gift from me, showing my love for the youngsters of this country.



11 thoughts on “Learned from Sahir Lodhi -5

  1. I am not a fan of Sahir Lodhi, and I don’t think I will ever be. Nonetheless, I truly agree with your idea. It is a very nice thought. Like they say, even your enemies teach you a lot.

    When you can learn about the harsh realities of life through your enemies, you sure can grab a message on love and peace from anything or any person, more conveniently I’d say.

    So nice post! God Bless you!

  2. rashid says:

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