Learned from Dunkin Donut guy -6


Dunkin Donuts always makes me greedy about having more of it. The only good donut franchise in Karachi has been remarkable when it comes to serving freshly oven baked donuts with irresistible toppings on top. To my surprise, Dunkin Donuts warmth is also affiliated with their warm welcome from the customer service department. This is what happened with me today and made me learn something worth remembering for a life time.

I entered the Clifton Dunkin Donuts today and I heard this grand base-full voice of a huge guy saying “Welcome to Dunkin Donuts Mam, How may I help you?”. Just like the sprinkles on the strawberry donut or the coconut chunks on the choco-coconut donut, he had this wide smile on his face. I asked him that why I was given such a warm welcome when I entered since it has never happened before. His colleague, making fun of him said that “He speaks according to his size”. Well jokes aside, I liked the gesture and the warmth from the crew on the outlet.

Warm welcomes are generally helpful in making a stranger feel comfortable in your vicinity and helping him understand your thoughts and values. This is how I see life. Full of people who are filled with gestures of love and affection with sincerity in their hearts, urging to let it out by all means, forcefully let  down by the society or the people around them and ending up in disbelieving in the magic of love. These little sweet incidents are very common that we experience on day to day basis. We just need the eye to look at them with a different perception.

Spread the donut love ! :)


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