Learned from food-8

Food for thought. Indeed this phrase would have been invented by somebody who was really a foody person himself along with a brain to think on very different lines of life. :)

Ever gave it a thought if your cup of tea could teach you to gradually cool down after having an aggressive argument? Ever thought if the cherry on top of cake could teach you to stand out amongst the crowd and be the symbol of beauty for this entire world? Ever wondered if grilled chicken taught you to go through excruciating pain and turn out to be something so exotic that would make yourself beneficial and a reliable object for people around you?

This might sound a little stupid but there always is wisdom in very little things around you that you tend to ignore. Everyday I have developed this habit of having a cup of milk with a teaspoon of honey in it. I usually blog while having sip after sip. It gets really annoying when I have to deliberately take the last sip since milk has never been included in my favourite’s list. But then I see the mug and that last sip always tells me that what if this is the sip that has all the nutrients in it to make my bones healthier? What if this is the sip that has the maximum amount of strength in it to make me feel better. What if this is the sip that I would be accountable of if I drain it in the sink today and when GOD asks me about it, I would have no answer to HIM?

So everyday when I eat or drink anything, I try to learn something out of it. This before-going-to-bed cup of milk, surely helps me in writing better blogs, trust me :). Food is an amazing and wondrous creation from Almighty which is indeed one of our primary necessities too. And if we value food, save it, nourish and nurture it, it surely is going to do the same to you. Try it if you don’t agree.

Spread the love. With food.



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