Learned from a random student- 9

These days I have been given a task to short list applications for a program , based on the age and good marks criteria. Something very usual. I came across quite a few applications that were incomplete , torn, hilarious, haphazardly filled and needed a lot of correction and time to analyse.

This really brought a serious issue in front of me. That is of reading and comprehending application guidelines and following procedures. We usually have this habit of asking people around us that how is it going to work. Ok here is a confession. Even I do that quite a lot. May be it has to do with human nature. We get panicked when something new comes up. We are surrounded by anxiety and nervousness. We are clueless in the beginning. If we just take a deep breath, bring back control on our nerves, and then start reading carefully what is written on the application, then you can untie all the unanswered knots one by one. It is not really difficult. Anything done step by step, would make you comfortable with the task and would make it easy.

A random student from Peshawar who I don’t even know, have never seen before, have never even heard about, taught me something so useful that I need to start working upon it right away. You never know who you come across in life , who would end up teaching you something that will stay with you forever. Be open to learn new things from new people. This is the key to a successful life. :)

Spread the love, as much as you have.


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