I lose to win…

Times in life when you let all the things take control over you in order to make you be the winner who stands alone in the midst of crowd that is celebrating your success. Isn’t that a strange phenomenon of life?

My philosophy of being a winner keeps changing with time and today I will share with you how I have taken life as a winning stage up till now. Still not sure what GOD has kept in reserves for me but a lot more winning situations are waiting for me. That is for sure.

When I was a child, winning was managing to convince Maa to make me a bowl of Cerelac with boiled eggs dipped in it. Yes the wheat flavour Cerelac had always been my favourite. :)

When I grew up a little, winning was getting an excellent and 3 stars on my notebook while my best friend only got 2 stars. :)

When I was transferred to secondary school, I considered winning as being appreciated in the whole class for writing the best essay in Urdu at tender age of 11 years. This was the point in life when I learned that losing something makes you win something. I lost my friends. I lost people who pretended to be my friends while seeing me achieving something big, they backed off as if they never knew me. Winning was convincing my head mistress to change the teacher for Pakistan Studies and when the matter was investigated, everyone forced me into limelight as the idea was initiated by me whereas all my friends never stood up in my favour. I lost trust that day but I managed to win a better teacher for the entire class.

When I went abroad, I was asked not to contact my family much since I would get homesick and would want to go back to Pakistan. I lost touch with my family however that experience made me become a stronger person, a confident person, a person who could stand out in the crowd.

When I got in college, winning was completing my intermediate with flying colours and getting into a well-reputed university. I lost my percentage as compare to all the girls in my class and ended up going to a private university. Losing marks convinced me to become a telecommunication engineer from FAST where I got a chance to study on a complete scholarship throughout 4 years of my studies.

When I started working, I had to lose my peace of mind in order to achieve professional excellence. Winning is getting my work done in time and availing better opportunities for me. :)

Each day is a win-win day if we end up losing something. Remember, losing leads to winning and winning is a sign of an upcoming loss in life. Life has to be lived like a wave. When you are on the base, you see a high peak to walk up to, standing in front of you. When you are at the peak, sweating, dreading, tired, scared, you see the slope going down , indicating a downfall in your life that you have to be ready for. This is winning and losing for me :)

Live life! Love life!

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5 thoughts on “I lose to win…

  1. Abdullah Syed says:

    Life is really all about these ups and downs afterall; for travelling on a road too straight is often … boring. Inanimate.

    Stay strong and keep spreading the love.


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