Common Broadcast Policy Seminar

I entered the premises of IoBM with so many things running in my mind about the seminar that was about to take off in a while. Everyone looked so prepared and fascinated as the seminar was one of its kind and had to be executed in such fashion that it would become a milestone to be remembered by the Media Students at Institute of Business Management. The anxiety , the adrenaline rush in our nerves, the esteemed guests and the students were making me nervous while I was on the verge of starting the Interactive Dialogue between students and Media Panelist. The event began with recitation from Holy Quran, followed by the keynote speech given by me , describing the topic and the purpose of having this gathering on a bright Sunday morning. Mr. Parvez Jamil who is one of the finest teachers at the institution and has the most unconventional style of teaching, took over the ceremony and talked about his heart and soul associated with this idea.

Now the idea was basically about having a common broadcast policy for all TV channels, Radio Channels and Newspapers in which all the media professionals could agree upon talking about a single core issue prevailing in the society and through which a human interest story can be established. The idea was to ask each channel for an air time of couple of minutes to talk about one thing that would benefit the people of this country. Repeatedly telecasting something would have an image set on the minds of the public. And hence a little effort for masses will help them come out of their blues for the time being.

When the interactive dialogue started off, most of the panelists were of the strong opinion that this is a completely fairy tale idea and useless to talk about when the entire media industry is rushing towards making money. They diplomatically pointed out that youngsters are supposed to bring revolution to this country. After having an argument of responsibility of electronic and print media, all of us mutually agreed to the fact that a positive image of Pakistan needs to be portrayed through our programs, our writings, our social media accounts and through every possible gesture of ours. I gave it a thought and evidently came up with the idea of rewarding students who are already striving towards creating a change in the perceptions of people who get this wrong image of media in Pakistan in general. One of the ideas is to start a blogger’s campaign and to give away study funds to students who would want to write good things about Pakistan. Secondly I had this idea of conducting workshops on citizen journalism in different institutes, guiding the students to make use of mobile technology for positive purposes on twitter and Facebook.

The seminar got me going with innumerable ideas and Inshallah would be working to portray them soon down the road :)

I take this opportunity to thank all my Media Class fellows for making a dream come true and assisting in every possible manner that they could. Nevertheless there are still people with big hearts and open minds who support such constructive debatable initiatives.

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