Movies are not Fiction

I am a person holding a strong perception that any movie, be it animated or a fairytale, a love story or a tragic drama, a humorous one or a heartbreaking one, is some way or the other a true story. It may not be your story or my story but out of 7 billion people on earth, there is at least one person who owns the crux of the story. This perception has been dwelling in my mind for quite a long time but today after watching a really depressing movie made in USA, portraying the story of a loved one I have in my life, I strongly sense the way people connect themselves with each other no matter where they are or what they do. 

For me, fiction is just a way of adding fancy stuff to true stories to make them look good. Its just like adding cream and cherry on top of the black forest cake where the soft sponge is the one that makes the most of the cake but people buy it not because of the sponge but because of the cream and cherry on top of it. The oven burns the cake-batter to give it a shape of something concrete, edible and good to be thought about. That is the true story. Fiction is decorating it with elements that appeal to people so the baker could make money out of it. 

It is a stupid perception but I would like to share a thought here. If you use anything that is owned by someone else, give them the credit. Be it tiny little thing or be it big. Give the credit to people who provide you with favours and you just use them unconsciously. For instance the tea bag you use, give credit to Lipton and not to your own self for making such good tea. Because lipton’s tea leaves are true story and you adding milk to it and having fun is Fiction :)

Spread the word around with fiction of love added to it! :)


5 thoughts on “Movies are not Fiction

  1. Jaisha Syeda says:

    It’s so true. Fiction writers do take some inspiration from real-life stories and that’s what makes them down-to-earth observers. Nicely expressed. :)

  2. Movie of any genre is the product of human imagination and the very imagination has profound influences on itself by external factors. Often I relate myself with many characters or see people I know performing on the tv in disguise. Have my complete endorsment on ownership of credentials.

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