International Volunteers Day!

We all must have volunteered for something at some point in our lives. For many of us, volunteerism is only limited to standing up for a cause to attain something good. Most of us would only volunteer only when a disaster hits a land or we are warned of something life threatening coming our way and we start helping people around us. Some of us would volunteer to help people on daily basis on the streets, in the buses, in shopping centres, at our institutions and even at our work places too. Very few of us would would visit an orphanage, an old age home, a community centre, a hospital, a jail too to volunteer our time and efforts for good causes. All looks good, and am sure you are rewarded for all these good deeds. But how many of us volunteer for chores at home?

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But thats how I have learnt a true spirit of volunteerism. When I wake up in the morning on a holiday, I would ask my sister to leave the kitchen sink and let me do the dishes. I would get up early in the morning on an off day just to lit the geyser so that everyone gets warm water for morning bath. I would fill the pigeon pots that usually my Mom does so when she wakes up, she doesn’t see her pigeons thirsty. I would volunteer to buy fruits and grocery while coming back from office. I would do dusting whenever I get time.

All of these activities sound familiar to our ears. Yet we do them once we are asked to do so rather than doing them for making our family members smile. So just to add more love to your family life, start volunteering for little things at home. Not the things that you are destined to do but just move a step above :) You will witness the difference.

Spread the love voluntarily and Happy International Volunteers Day!



7 thoughts on “International Volunteers Day!

  1. awesome larki!!!!!! good thought and an excellent way of feeling connected to the household despite our nerve wrecking schedules……keep writing about these minor things in life because they have a major effect on our lives :):)

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