Aren’t we sold out?

I was just going through some recent photographs of an event that was a foreign funded project. Well I appreciate the efforts that other countries are making to help us survive through toughest of times and a big salute to their efforts but isn’t it a sign of shame and disgrace on our own part that we being so plentiful of resources and wisdom cannot even lift up the spirits of young children who are looking for a helping hand for quality education and better work opportunities? How in the world can we expect our youngsters to love our country when we are not willing to step forward and help them out. When they see the logo of another country on the banner that is placed in their school, they ultimately thank that country and start building respect and love for that particular place more than they love Pakistan. We are making them this way and we are making them believe that this country can only survive with foreign aid in hand.

Think of it is an imported piece of glass that your mother just bought from a shopping mall. No matter what you serve in that glass, its the glass that would be seen and praised in the first attempt. Unless we thrash out this imported culture from our households, schools, roads, offices and all other places, we would keep getting away from the roots of this country. Its about time we start reaching out to places where kids need our help rather than waiting for a gora hand to hold us and take us to our own people.

Love is needed now! Spread it as much as you can.


4 thoughts on “Aren’t we sold out?

    • kulsoom says:

      Thanks for the comment. Well I am of the perception that Our elite are turning into wanna bees rather than appreciating the presence of Gora people here. They are just adopting the habits of Goras. You know.

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