Post Accident Syndrome

A teacher of one of my courses always emphasizes on this one bitter factor of life that “Seeing is believing”. Until I happened to be in an accident myself, I never realized how one feels when he or she goes through the traumatic experience of life. I think its pointless to talk about what happened but here are a few tips for those who have been through such incidents or GOD forbid happen to experience them in future. 

1. NEVER update your facebook status or twitter or inform people about your accident by any means of social media. This just creates a lot of panic on your profile and if you end up not answering people’s queries and you don’t tell them the whole story, people start considering you rude. Some of them might be nice enough not to bug you but most of them would. 

2. Make a joke out of your incident while telling everyone. I know its hard but that is what I ended up doing and people thought I was cranky. Let them think that way. But this will help you get out of the trauma you are in.

3. Cry! YES! Shed tears if you want. Get as much frustrated as you want to. Just let all the anger, pain, anxiety and everything out from your inner being. Don’t let it bother you my friend. Ever in your life.

4. Eat well! Yes the haldi wala doodh that mum gives you, The Naryal pani, the medicines, all the edible items that you can find in your fridge. Just eaaaat them good. Instant energy and muscular recovery is always needed after accidents and that is the reason why all these edible items are recommended. 

5. REST! Don’t be the owl of the night after having an accident. Take a day off or so from everything and just sleep for the entire day. This way you will be able to achieve good peace of mind in short time. 

Trust me, its one of those situations in which I can proudly say, Been there, Done that :D. But yeah I pray for everyone that ,may GOD save us all from any such incidents and if we happen to experience some, may HE gives the courage to fight back with them.

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5 thoughts on “Post Accident Syndrome

    • kulsoom says:

      Haha well Thanks for liking the post. Its actually couple of pinches of turmeric powder mixed in a hot glass of milk and then served to the accident survivors. It gives instant energy but doesn’t taste that well.

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