Jalsa- Ankhon dekha haal!

Since everyone is talking about the speeches that were made by the leading politicians recently joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, I would want to highlight the public and the gestures that I got to witness from a bunch of people around me. All the overwhelming moments that I am going to talk about would be different from the ones already been talked about :)

No bad incident reported from the attendees side. Yes there were some arguments amongst the spectators because of not being able to see Immi K on the stage, yet these matters were resolved in jiffy and ended up in humor.

Youngsters leaving space and seats for elderly people in the Jalsa gah. This was such a splendid thing to see and witness the amount of respect the young lot had for senior citizens.

Women and children from all parts of the city were present. I didn’t see any kids crying or asking their mums to get out of the jam packed Jinnah ground. They were enjoying the IK songs and Patriotic numbers being played by the hidden DJ. :) The hidden DJ was not kind enough to let the whole song play . Whenever the public got into the momentum of dancing, he would stop the music. haha.

I liked how my bag was checked thrice and I had to go through the security check 6 times before reaching in the front rows before stage. The volunteers were being responsible enough to check anyone and everyone.

Separate enclosures for guys and families made it pretty organized and helped maintaining the discipline.

The huge screens in different parts of the city made it possible for every walking creature on the streets of Karachi to witness the historic moment. Later on the media channels took over and it was being shown on all News channels.

The yum yum food stalls outside the ground were such a delight to see. Many hawkers came up with their amazing food items to entertain the attendees. This would have surely given them some good business.

The shuttles that were running in all parts of the city, made sure that the attendees reach at the venue in time and under full security. Hats off to the drivers!

Pakistan Zindabad! IK managed to spread the love today to 250,000 people! GOD bless this country! :)


11 thoughts on “Jalsa- Ankhon dekha haal!

  1. Urooj says:

    Wow Kulsoom. I found jalsa also very organized and well managed although i wasn’t there but overall energies were very positive and normal.

  2. Owais Atta says:

    nicely written!!! however, security measures wasnt that good when i entered the ground. there wasnt anyone at the gate. But overall, good management. And yes, thanks for selecting my shot for the blog :)

  3. Omar Shakeel says:

    I liked it…Its a good post and the way you have pictured the whole scene in such a simple words yet so briefly, Its great!!!

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