A letter to Arfa…

My Dear Arfa!

I wish I would have met you at least once so I could gather just that bit of inspiration from you that made you so connected with your homeland, Pakistan. Nevertheless, you left us at such a time when the nation needed to learn from you. Needed to learn the sincerity, passion, aspiration and the aim to dream high and striving to put it together. When you talk to GOD, let him know that you wanted to do so much for all your friends here but you didn’t get enough time. Don’t be harsh to HIM my dear because you know what? HE knows that your friends are going to make all your dreams come true. Arfa! you have made all the daughters realize that they can make their parents feel proud in front of everyone. You have made all brothers realize that sisters are the best friends they can have around who will always be there to help their bros out. You are special and special people have lots of things to achieve in this world and hereafter. May be you have a better task to do and that’s the reason why you left us. I am just saying this to hold my tears honey! I’ll rise up everyday thinking about your bright smile that you gave in all your interviews, all your pictures. And those shining eyes that had held enormous dreams in them, waiting to come true in a blink. Oh dear! the way you sang Anokha Ladla in one of your interviews, it just made me so proud of knowing you. I miss you!

Keep shining in the heavens! And yeah, spread all the love there now!


An Admirer.


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