An achievement a day!

Been ages since I wrote something for myself. For my own satisfaction and pleasure. Feels so good to look back at few blog posts and the immense amount of love you guys have shown towards reading them :)

Alhamdulillah it was a good day today. Not a good start of the day because of my mama’s illness but when I had reached office, I could see quite a few happenings around me that made me open my blog yet again and start off this regular blogpost “An achievement a day”. Let me tell you what is going to be about.

Everyday we spend quite a few hours working, studying, helping, co-operating, winning, losing, crying etc. Nonetheless its a part of our everyday routine to do something or the other to make our selves feel better. Be it listening to music or chatting with a friend over phone. Be it playing your favorite game or be it looking at the picture of your sweetheart and letting her know how much you love her. Be it making fun of people randomly or be it reading something amusing. Each of us seeks peace and contentment in lives. Which is absolutely OKAY!

Now what I believe is the fact that everyone is an achiever in some or the other manner. I am an achiever because I made my dream come true of being an RJ. You may be an achiever because you scored straight As in your class. But are achievements limited to all the BIG things in life? I don’t think so.

An achievement can be as small as finishing the food on your plate. An achievement can be saving 10 rupees out of your pocket money at the end of the day. An achievement could be getting ready in time for school. An achievement is as simple as making someone smile :)

So from today onwards, I shall be posting my everyday’s achievements and see if you guys can share your achievements with me. Life is all about these crazy little things that make us happy my friends. We just need the eyes to look at them :)

Blessings and love!


4 thoughts on “An achievement a day!

  1. Abdullah Syed says:

    Such a positive outlook! I need to get back to blogging. I’ve been writing a lot lately and I think that’s an achievement, but I never publish stuff anymore.

    May be it’s time.

    I am inspired again, thanks! Love you loads.

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