Getting out of traffic jam!

Indeed today’s achievement was being awake the entire time I was stuck at Shershah, on my way to Nazimabad which is the other end of the city for me with reference to where I live. The credit goes to Qaiser who was so patient and kind to drive us through the rambling roads and noisy horns around the city.

When the car had hit the clear side of the road, trust me it felt like a breeze coming from heaven. The joy of accelerating your car after you have urged to move it a hundred times, is beyond my imagination to explain to you. :)

Did you achieve something today? Do let me know. And yeah do tune in to my radio show in the morning if you happen to get stuck in any traffic jam. That will surely make you smile. :)



5 thoughts on “Getting out of traffic jam!

  1. hahahah we(boys) face similar situations daily =)
    Achievement? umm .. I saw BIG YELLOW MOON just after maghrib prayer, i ran to home, pick my gear, tripod but I failed to shoot it through my weapon.. =( coz i missed that MAGIC MOMENT!!!

  2. lol traffic related acheivement, i’d say getting my father to office on time within 30 mins from Jauhar to Mai Kolachi road was some acheivement !! So that’s one thing I can boast of this Thursday morning !

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