Reaching home in time

Well times like these when you are totally socially captivated, yet your heart and mind is juggling between your social and home life, creating the element of guilt and conscious efforts to reach home and stay safe from the daily dose of maa yelling at you for being the spoiled brat. Lol. True story right?

Today was one of such days when I decided not to plan any post-work activity, get my things done in time, maximize my capacities within that 10 to 5 slot and head home without any bounds. My wonderful colleagues asked me to just rest at home today, seeing my pretty face adopting tiresome expressions and signs of irritation. So yes. I made it home in time today and was such a blessing to be around maa for a little while till I came back to my blogging business :)

In reply to my previous post, I got responses from Hamza, Hammad and Qaiser. Do take some time to share your little achievements of your days. Everyone is a winner. And so are you :)




3 thoughts on “Reaching home in time

  1. Its a novel concept of sharing acheievements, however I personalyy do not warm to it … its interesting reading your blog though :)

    My acheivement today ? Getting some important office work done ? Haha !

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