TCF Rahbar Program-2

Here comes the real part of the TCF Rahbar Program Hero Speaker Session. For details till here, check out my previous post

So The kids of all sorts started coming in to listen to the HERO speaker of the day. Having no idea who they would get to talk to, who they would hear from, what would they learn and how is it going to benefit them, they blindly trusted their mentors and stepped in the hall which was neatly set up for the special HERO speaker’s session.

There were about 80 kids and 20 mentors in the room. The session began with Salman’s briefing to the kids. This entire time I was just doing my breathing exercise, calming down my nerves and roaming here and there to just bring back all the memories that I had to share with these kids. As soon as I was asked to come forward and begin talking, my pounding heart just made me feel the adrenaline rush inside me and boom I started off with full on energy. All eyes on me. All ears waiting to listen to the HEROIC story of my life.

Began with sharing how old I am. Took myself back to my childhood when I was perhaps a nobody to this entire world. Neither my family, nor my extended family. Told them how much i cried when i saw my father in so much stress and ultimately leaving the family forever when I was just 8. My heart just couldn’t control and just thinking about him made my eyes all teary and my voice shaky. My journey from being a shy,low-confident, studious chishmish kid to the modern, liberal, confident, literate person in few years time was supposed to be covered in 20 minutes or so. I shared with them the times when saving 100 rupees a month meant so much for me. I shared how I started travelling in buses since I was 10 years old and I led a life just like majority of our population does. I shared how difficult was it for me to finance my own studies when GOD helped me in the scholarship way and He covered it all up for me, lessening the biggest burden from my head. I shared how I always took challenges positively, took responsibility of family and friends to never let them down and that gesture n attitude took me to the place where I stand today. I shared how much a smile can create a difference in someone’s life and you being a reason for it would make people fall in love with you at first sight. I shared my life with them which I never did before in a public speaking session.

All applauded me for I don’t know what I said. I was their HERO for that day. Their role model. Someone who they could look up to when they wanted to get inspiration. Someone to think about during the times when life just offers failures and nothing else. I was that motivation for them and I hope i did justice to that :)

I have no words to describe the feeling of connecting myself with those kids from Saiful goth who have a long way to go in their lives. I just pray the best for them and I shall keep enlightening kids like them all around to have a better approach towards life.

Spread the love! The world needs it.


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