TCF-Rahbar Program-1

“Pakistan has immense amount of good people. They just need a chance to show their goodwill for this country”.

Something so powerful said by Mr. Salman who is the co-ordinator at TCF Rahbar Program, Saifal Goth which serves the purpose of mentoring 8-9-10 grade students to become better citizens of this country by choosing right career paths and making right decisions at right time.

You just need that one moment to see the genuine efforts these people make to bring a significant difference in anyone’s life. I being a complete stranger was picked up by one of the mentors from my Radio Station, followed by picking up two more mentors, heading to another corner of the city which is beyond Gulshan-e-Maymar. I would quote Ammar (one of the mentors) , here. “I had been to power house chowrangi before but never took a right turn to see where it leads to. Now I know that there is a world beyond city living there that is called Saifal Goth”.

Reaching the place and realizing that the bus “N” comes there, was such a joy because it goes directly from the place where I live. So next time if I want to visit Saifal Goth, I knew what way I was going to take :). The way to school was determined by the wooden stairs been placed by KESC officials in front of a PMT around the corner, followed by 3 dogs sitting by a house and the three bumps on the road that if crossed, indicated the sign of victory for a person :)

The first thing I saw when I looked around was the vibrant red building having written The KFC Campus on it ( which actually made my stomach growl for a while hehe ) and there was Yusuf Rehman Campus on the other side. The room where the session was to be conducted for which I was invites as a HERO speaker, was being set up by the mentors and you know who the mentors were? HR executives, Dentists, Accountants from audit firms, Managing Directors and Managers from Banks, Psychologists. Imagine all these people giving their time and efforts TOGETHER for a noble cause of telling directions to the children to make them believe that their lives can be better at a certain point in life if they act like creators and not victims for what they experience in lives.

There is so much to talk about. Shall be discussing about how I started about myself , ended up in tears, was overwhelmed by the claps and words those kids said for me and the conversations I had with mentors while having a chit chat with them. :) Keep yourself posted.

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4 thoughts on “TCF-Rahbar Program-1

  1. SheikhDaniyal Bin Yunus says:

    Good Progress… Our prayers are with you .. May Lord bless you with success always. You are a precious asset of our country . Proud to be your friend :)

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