Home chores

So the endless list of achievements continues today too. My entire family is asleep. I being the owl of the house is up, not because its something I like to do but something that I have to do.

Home chores are always annoying. Period. There is no question about that. But sometimes you need something to accompany you while you are up till 2 AM at night. Let it be your bugging girlfriend or your pending assignments of school, either way you are the one who suffers the most. So coming back to the topic, did you ever imagine staying up so anticipated for filling up your water tanker when everybody else has no clue of what is happening in the world? Well sounds cool doesn’t it :)

Take it this way. While waiting for the taps to get immersed in water, you learn so much just by staring at the clock. The uncertainty of water supply teaches you surprising events that can happen in your life and you need to keep your eyes and ears open to welcome all such events in your life. The sounds of your neighbors coming out of their homes for the same purpose makes you an active listener. The time when you hit the machine and boom the successful water supply makes your eyes teary that after 30 minutes of this water flow, you will hit the bed and sleep like never before. The joy of your family saying good flowery words about you in your absence would make you feel like flying. :) Its all in the imagination. Its all in the head but being a creative being alive on earth, its our job to make it sound like a piece of cake and let the world know about our small victories that we manage to encounter without many resources. Little moments of joy can teach you a lot about life. We just need to have an eye to look at things that way.

Spread the late night love! Lol. :)

Blessings. Peace Out!



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