Buying nuggets from Superstore

So today’s achievement surrounds upon me being the shopaholic, trying to discover new places with economic rates and buying stuff at cheap prices. Hyperstar in Karachi is such a blessing when it comes to ‘All under one roof’ shopping scenario. It is rather a westernized concept but its a blessing to find everything on bargained prices at one place. Be it grocery, food, clothes, utensils, electronic appliances, blah blah everything is available there.

So my ammi asked me to get chicken nuggets on my way home and Thanks to my memory that I actually ended up remembering it, unlike any other things that I usually forget to buy when I am asked to . Hehe. So this huge fridge was in front of me where I could see 2 packets of Nuggets. Economy pack and a baby pack. Looking at the price with the sounds of astonishment that I made, I decided to buy the economy pack having good supply to serve the whole month and returned home with full joy and excitement of buying them at bargained rates :)

It might sound like something we do everyday. Is mai konsi bari baat hai Mohtarma? People might end up saying this after reading my post but trust me, it feels great when you are completely broke, you buy something like a food item for your mom, you save money on it and celebrate your success with your loved ones. There is no other thing like that to look up to :)

Blessings for all! I shall take your leave now. Catch you up with more achievements tomorrow.


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