Today I decided to stay at home for the sole reason that I would be gone for a while and my family would be happy to see me at home. Waking up late, changing plans made with friends to hang out because of the anticipated Pakistan-India Cricket match of Asia Cup 2012, doing household chores and helping ammi in some work actually made me feel a lot better after having a haphazard routine of staying out at work till late. So it was good for a change. Ammi was sweet enough to let me and baji loag watch the match as she is not a big fan of cricket but Old movies , so I credit her for this sweet gesture of hers. 

So the match began with the joy of Pakistan winning the toss, electing to bat first and boom our boys Muhammad Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed made centuries , built up an opening partnership of 224 runs which was surely record breaking and commendable. What was I doing during this entire time? My favorite  thing to do on the internet is TWEETING :D. Couple of hashtags like #PakvsInd and #PakCricket were trending. Me being an avid fan of cricket commentators and an all time Cricket maniac tried imitating Ramiz Raja, Sunil Gawaskar as much as I could. When Pakistan was batting, my twitter fellows were so positive, so enthusiastic, so overwhelmed with all those positive comments filling up my Timeline. I just loved every bit of love that was being thrown towards my Pakistani team. Honestly , we never take India Pakistan match as a game. Its more of a war, a clash, a revenge, an emotional outrageous competition between two nations. But all in good sportsmanship spirit :) Bucking up boys like Moeen Khan used to do behind the wickets, Clapping whenever a good moment was seen on TV, Weeping while seeing Nasir and Hafeez doing Sajdaa on the ground and raising their bat, all glued up to our TV screens watching Pakistan play such a nice innings. 

I witnessed history today on Social media. Hashtags like #PakvsInd, #YounusKhan , #Akmal , #Ajmal, #Nasir Jamshed, #Hafeez, #pakcricket were trending Worldwide! The entire world came to know the power of a single match of our nation pulling off a global audience from all walks of life. We were acclaimed globally for our young batsmen. We were talked about in every corner of every country that knows ABC of cricket. What happened afterwards is history. But isn’t this something to cheer about? To be happy about? To like our team for? Why be so hateful and disgraced when you call it JUST A GAME. All in positive spirits folks :) PTV rightly played the track of Jawad Ahmed. Hamain tumse pyar hai!! 

Awaiting to see Indians in Finals and I am telling this to all. Final hamara hai :)



2 thoughts on “#PakVsInd

  1. Masroor Shaikh says:

    Cricket is not just a game specialy when its btw Pak Vs Ind its more then an Indepandant fight remind me of 14th august (1947) when we were struggling for a separate Nation, a muslim home land an indentity where we can be our own selves to feel like indepandant. Aah! I forget, bcs my identity belongs to an indepandant Pakistan, a soveriegn Nation instead of watching that thing match. We could have thought abt a Nation which is about to get destroyed by landed politicians. Ager Hum aaj ka din is kaam mn lagaty to kya hua ager Pakistan ek match haar gaya lakin hum Ek Naye Pakistan ko wajud mn le-aaty.

    Masroor Shaikh


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