Sorry folks, been out for so long.. I don’t like being non-steady but now that I have decided to come here more often than ever, I mean it :)

So March 25th , I landed to Isloo land. I have always liked this place called The capital of Pakistan , because it actually qualifies to the standards of a Capital city. Trust my words, rest assured. I am here to witness the 2nd Super Eight Faysal Bank T-20 Tournament that is being played in the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. Doing the Social media coverage here ( as a fictional character ), roaming around the city purposelessly , trying to discover the best things about this city and this journey of going from Islamabad to Pindi and then coming back to Islamabad is nonetheless one of the best journeys of all times.

The journey has been incredible so far. Sleepless nights. Alcoholic Work ( Do not take me wrong but yes the work is actually addicting haha ), looking at the city with the view of being impressed, falling in love with each and every hill that I come across. Praising the wonders of nature and uttering SUBHANALLAH at every moment. Everyday creating a new journey with new taxi drivers, bugging them with annoying singing sessions and making fool of ourselves on our way back to Hotel. This reminds me of one of the Ashfaq Ahmed quotes which says that Pictures are memories that make you sad in long run. Which is kinda true in its own way. Because down the road, after 10 some years when you look at these pictures, they will make you feel deprived of not being able to have fun anymore.

Sad things apart, there are so many things that I have learned here. To be honest, people are far more caring and encouraging here than my own city. I learned the fact that educated people can do odd jobs like driving a taxi and showing around places. The driver offering us the best tea of the town was such a sweet gesture I tell you. Learning not to be oversmart on the street as the street smart person of Karachi can never be compared to a street smart person of Rawalpindi. The thought process, the way of looking at life, the conversations, chit chats, road trips, every single thing has been a learning experience for me. And guess what, I came up with some classy ideas for my blog, which should be out soon :)

Once I am done with this journey, I am planning to take another trip. To some other place may be. Some unknown place or may be some really famous place. Just that the more I go around, the more I get to know which enhances my ability to perceive things in a better way. The doors and locks of brain get fresh air when you go out. :)

Spread smiles, spread love! 


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