Say no to angry birds!

Don’t get me wrong here.

All of us having android phones or iPhones or iPads or whatever gadgets, like to test at least one game on our possessions. The trendsetting game angry birds  can never be ignored for the fact that it has become an addiction for people from all walks of life. From kids to teens to college boys to young professionals to post 40 uncles and aunties to grandparents, all and sundry are glued to this beautifully technically crafted game.

Eventually this is not what I want to talk about. I happened to visit Pindi in March and one of the most toughest things in the city is to look for good food. We were referred Melody food street for that matter so decided to go there for lunch just once. There was this whole menu card, full of dishes offered by different restaurants. My eyes struck this particular page where I found THIS… ( See the photo )


Took out my camera, snapped and then had a 15 minute long discussion with my group on how Pindi people like to have peaceful food items so they can promote the message of peace and happiness in the entire country :)

I wonder how do the birds qualify for being considered as Sharif Chiray? Mmmmm May be they are the obedient birdies of their Mom, making no noise, breaking no rules, sleeping at 9 PM and waking up at 5 AM in the morning.. OR They complete their homework in time after coming back from School ( Foreign Exchange Chiray Program ?? ) OR they wash their tiny feet after eating and brush their beaks and tongues twice a day everyday. The teen chiray having no pink chiryan as their girlfriends or no late night skype sessions with school friends. Yes!! Sharif Chiray are awesome :D

I wish I could have had this dish so I could relate to “Sharif Chiray” in some manner , yet the sight of spotting something like this, made my day. I love playing angry birds on my phone as much as anyone else around, yet I support the cause of sharif chiray at Melody food street :). Say no to angry birds just when you are about to eat them, and try Sharif Chiray …

Enjoyed Reading? Do share the sharafat ;)


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