Mere loag!

Sometimes waiting for friends in a mall can become a source for you to get yourself connected to a lot more people who might be strangers to you but the favors they do, would always be remembered. They look at you just once, give you a chance to look at them and a day later, they become a part of your long awaited blog post that you had planned on writing for so long :)

A piece of advice for all poets like me. Visit a crowded place and sit there alone. Trust me, you will get the best out of best material to write on. Every person will become a word, connecting itself with other word automatically, giving you the rhythm of life that tunes you to the sound of poetic substance. 

Its called Mere loag!

Har chehre ki aik kahaani,
Har chehre ka aik fasaana,
Palak jhapakte manzar badle,
Loag bhi badle , rang bhi badle,
Zaat paat ke, ghaat ghaat ke,
Asli chehre , naqli chehre,
Milte hain har roaz yahan pe,
Kuch arzee bhi, kuch farzi bhi,
Kuch nalaa’n bhi, kuch raazi bhi ,
Kabhi aik thikaane chalte hain,
Kabhi dooji raah nikalte hain,
Kora sa kaghaz aik kaheen ,
tou rang baranga saath woheen,
dhoondo tou har ik hasti mai
bas aik hee hasti paao ge.
Jo mil jaye tou jeet teri
Na mil paaye tou rona mat.
Wo hasti teri hasti hai
Wo hasti meri hasti hai.
Mai apna chehra dhoondh raha
Kiu raste chalte chehron mai,
Jab mera rasta apna hai,
Jab meri hasti apni hai.


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