The secret admirer!

This may come out as a surprise for a lot of people here and specially the lady I am writing about since I usually do not reveal my personal affections for anyone or vice versa, but this one just had to be on my blog. Let it be a promise that I had to keep long time back. This goes out to you Afreen Jaffery . :)

This was late march when I got to know something from my Abdullah about a person who had always been a fan of mine and I was the source of inspiration for that girl. It made me happy, yes, but being liked by people is something that becomes evident with time when you are on the verge of becoming a celebrity or you write regularly and do all sorts of good work like social activism and all. Nonetheless I got Abdullah’s text one day , quoting something like You have changed someone’s life. My sparkling eyes couldn’t gaze more on the screen and I immediately asked him to give me her contact number so we can meet up and I would want to know what is so good about me thatshebecame my secret admirer!

Excited, nervous, overwhelmed by the entire thought of meeting somebody I barely knew, someone who claimed that I helped her in changing her life, someone who already is sweet enough to be loved by the entire world. Tons of questions in my head were boggling at that time. WHY ME? AM I WORTH ALL THIS? LIKE SERIOUSLY?

Some incidents in life are absolutely unavoidable and unforgettable. This was probably one of those. We met, we ordered food and sat down at the best seat of Hardees to begin with the conversation. I asked her to just pour her heart out. No questions asked. By the end she told me how much my presence has helped her to grow as a positive person, I was sobbing crazily in a public restaurant. YES I couldn’t control my emotions. Because I never considered myself worthy enough of all that she was giving me. Infact I still have doubts about myself but Afreen being so pure and genuine and a sweetheart that she is, I can never question or doubt how she feels about me :’)

She made me believe on the good person inside me that keeps dying after every other day. Not because it doesn’t want to live, but because it is always striving in making everyone else live happily. Afreen, I owe you a lot. You showed me a completely different side of me that I could never discover before. I would always want to see you happy and grow positively in life. Forever! Ameen :)


Kulsoom Baji.



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