Trapped for no reason

This is going out to all my friends and family members who are living in the vicinity of Lyari and are trapped in their homes without being informed about their fate and the future plans that the Police might be carrying out.

I opened my eyes in a place which was full of people. Hustle bustle, people and more people. Everybody would love everybody here. We would celebrate our festivals together. We would keep the doors of our homes open to all the neighbors. They would stop by anytime they want without having second thoughts about feeling insecure at our place. The roads used to be so jam packed that No one would want to visit and get trapped in the traffic jam that would last for hours n hours. I remember roaming around the streets and buy that Peshawari and Pineapple ice-cream from the small shop at the corner and safely come back home. I have always traveled in Public transport. The love of being that student who would show off her pals that she travels all the way from her home to university, covering some good number of kilometers and reaches national highway, was evident. The late night weddings in our area used to keep us up all night and I remember my paa and maa getting irritated about it. But we used to be up just to see the bride and the groom and the aunty who was playing the drums and making everyone dance on its beats.

Today everything has turned into a war zone. I saw this in Alpha Bravo Charlie when they showed people of Bosnia being affected by the war in their area. I saw this when our army was doing the search operation in Malakand and Sawaat and the IDPs were being shifted to Sindh and Punjab to safer places. They were people who loved their homes as much as we do here. They couldn’t leave their areas because they had so many reasons behind it. They were scared, frustrated, unsure of what is going to happen, dependable on the state for their food and sanitary. The people of Lyari are under the same pressure and are moving out to different places on their own. The impact is growing bigger everyday. They are trapped for something they have no clue about. They are foodless, waterless, and electricity deprived. All modes of communication have been terminated from the area apart from the internet facility. Most of the families living here are working on daily wages or travel to the metropolis areas to work in the shops. Most of them living in flats and the power cut is making everyone feel sick and miserable in this scorching heat of May. I am terrified, scared, frustrated and feel pity for all the people in my neighborhood who are feeling the same. I know writing won’t get them food or bring back peace in their lives. Yet I can express the fact that I need the same security back in my area. I need to see smiles rather than tears. I want the sanity back in my city! Please don’t make it a war zone. Please!


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