Aik cup chai

I was sitting with my boss in his cabin , discussing a very interesting project that I have been working on these days. We were in the middle of the conversation talking about drafting the proposal and designing marketing strategy for the particular program that we were developing. You can imagine how serious such conversations are and the amount of concentration that you have to develop to keep track of the words of a talkative boss is just an extra effort that needs to be put for a better outcome. So we are talking and all of a sudden Bhatti Sahab walked in. Now Bhatti Sahab is the senior most peon in our office and this is the reason why everyone calls him either Bhatti Sahab or Bhatti bhai. So the conversation took a pause and my boss started talking to Bhatti Sahab. He said ‘Aray Wah, mai tou abhi chai ka hee soch raha tha aur aap le bhi aaye.’ Then he told me in front of him ‘Bhatti Sahab ki chai poore office mai sab se achi hotee hai’. Now I was like I know all these things and in the middle of such important conversation, why was it necessary to brag about him? When Bhatti sahab left, seeing my furious face, my boss told me that do you know why did I praise his chai in front of you? I said NO! Then he told me how important it is to praise and encourage employees at workplace in front of each other because they feel good about themselves and the level of loyalty and determination increases towards work.

Co-coincidentally, Bhatti Sahab forgot to bring my chai the next day. I didn’t bother much and forgot to even ask him why did he do so? Next day when he knocked at the studio’s door to indicate me that the chai is here, I went out to have it. He apologized for not bringing my tea as there was no milk in early morning at the office. I gave him a smile and assured that I had forgotten that I didn’t take tea that morning :) Also when he had a tray in his hand, I held the door for him to pass by and the pleasant gesture that we shared is unexplainable.

Its just a cup of tea that makes so much of a difference in opinions, gestures, values and most of all Respect for someone around you. Everything revolves around your cup of tea. Just that you have to take that first sip to feel the essence of all the things around you. From today, I wouldn’t say that this is not my cup of tea because I believe everything can be changed with every little sip you take. :)

(Photo courtesy, Saad Saeed)


5 thoughts on “Aik cup chai

  1. Osama Rind says:

    Its cute. I like the encouraging strategy that your boss applied. Being a business student i visited certain business places in America. Trust me all they do is encourage each other and that`s the reason they hold the status of an economically strong nation.

  2. i firmly believe in this behavior and make it a point that it is a part of my daily routine. Speak to the peon, the receptionsist, watchman, bathroom cleaner and cafeteria assistants. They need to be acknowledged.

  3. saima says:

    u r a excellent observer, sensitive person, u feel everything which is happening around in your daily life…otherwise ppl are like robots they have no feelings! i like ur observations and feelings…

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