When words write me

Been so long since I paid a visit to this little self created shrine of mine that I call my blogging homepage. So much happened in so little time that my learning brain overflowed with information and now that everything seems to be normal, it is again craving for something new to explore. I envy my brain for so many reasons as it doesn’t let me do anything and does it all by its own.

I believed I could write hence I started writing. But in recent past, I came to this conclusion that if I allow my words to write my story, they can do a far better job than what I do with them. Know what? Words are far more sensible and rational than I am. When I would write a story, I might get emotional, drenched, abrupt and random. If I allow my words to write me, they would be so chilled out and bring about the best out of me in no time. So these days, I am letting my words write my story . Controlling my words would be equivalent to a syllabus rather than a lesson  learnt in a couple of minutes :)

Hope I made some sense there!

Spreading love and peace.



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