Happy Recycling by Coca-Cola

You certainly get a very good vibe being around young children who have just stepped into the real life by letting their parents put them in an institution that will teach them, groom them and make them better human beings when they graduate. Ra’ana Liaqut Craftsmen’s Colony (RLCC) is a community centre at Shah Faisal Colony, working since 1954 catering 150 women who have been making beautiful products and running their homes by setting an example of small scale entrepreneurship in their communities. This centre is adjacent to a school supported by RLCC trust as well.

Coca-Cola sponsored a day long event at RLCC on 18th July 2012, which was The Coca-Cola RLCC Summer Camp Mela. The activities in the camp included a musical program, puppet shows, games, dance performances and a recycling activity that was meant to convey the message of importance of environment friendly recycled products.

It was a good day complimented by good weather. After having some good  appetite on our way to RLCC, we were whole heartedly welcomed by the management and the bright little kids who were holding a banner for the entire team from Coca-Cola. This was followed by a surprise invitation from the newly discovered Pakistani Singing sensation to sing with him the best of the best Coke Studio tracks. After the warm welcome, the team then geared up to start off the workshop by dividing the students into 4 groups as per their age. The activities were designed keeping in mind the age group of the students.

The first Activity was for kids between 3-6 years . It was called “creating a planter by re-using Coke PET bottle”. One of the Coke representatives demonstrated the activity to the children. They were so excited that they started off and finished in no time, creating master pieces of PET bottle plants.

The next activity was to Create Cherry Blossom Artwork by reusing Coke PET bottles. This was a fun activity in which kids from 7 to 9 years participated and created art pieces with cherry blossom coloured poster paints and made cherry blossom trees with PET bottles . Around 100 art pieces were created by kids and their teachers.

 The third activity was to create a flower vase by PET bottles of Coke. This was a simple activity in which the kids were taught to create decorative flower vases and present them to their teachers at the end of the Summer camp.

The fourth Activity was to create a coin box by using Coke PET bottles. This was accompanied by an activity to create adorable dolls with ping pong balls on top and a maroon attire around them. Nonetheless the kids were really talented and completed their tasks before time. The enthusiasm was pretty evident in their keenness to learn recycling and implement it in their tasks.

After completing all the activities, the kids were entertained with some crazy dance performances from a talented group of Shah Faisal Colony. The recycled bottles were then put to display and some of them were taken home by the kids and their families as a token of remembrance from Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola recycling activity would not have been possible without the efforts made by the Coca-Cola team who took a day out specially for these young children. These small acts of kindness are always necessary to create huge positive impact on the society and show a sign of goodwill to them. The idea behind Coke’s next campaign, #SmallisBliss is exactly the same that small gestures of kindness and help spread positivity as a part of Personal Social Responsibility.

I must say that it was a day well spent with loads of new things to learn and seeing happiness in the eyes of those little children who would become leaders for tomorrow soon enough :)


5 thoughts on “Happy Recycling by Coca-Cola

  1. Pakistani says:

    Love to see what Coca-Cola is doing for the society and for these young ones. In a society, where most of the MNCs are just fighting over higher sales, such initiatives gives a hope. A hope we all were waiting for.

    Thanks Coca-Cola once again, amazing job.

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