Purposeless visit of the City

I know I should be hanged to death for not being the same old regular blogger that I used to be but something so unusual happened today that I couldn’t help myself from stopping by and sharing with you all.

Today I decided to just take a random tour of the city, hang out with friends I missed talking to and just spend some quality free time away from all work worries and worried people around. When I reached to meet couple of friends for lunch, found one of them really sad. Oh before that, I slipped on the entrance of the cafe but thankfully nothing harmed me lol. So yeah this friend who I consider a very strong head girl, was just too blown away and she needed to let it out and talk. Offered my services and listened to all the intricate details she had to share. I had to see a dear friend at the mall so took her out to mall with me while giving advices, got her chocolate, gave her a hug. Got her thank you text with a smile and felt so relieved ! Stopped by at another place to see my other old group of friends where I ended up seeing another sad face. So this friend texted me while we were sitting and talking and I made sure that I end up making him laugh before I leave. So we all played ONO and I read out the instructions of ONO in Urdu in the typical  advertisement style of Farzana Dawa Khana Dastagheer Number 9, Karachi :). That was fun! And I left after spending a good time.

When I reached home, I logged in to my gmail, finished up reading a very good blog that I have fallen in love with and then a chat window popped up of another friend who just wanted to talk about his life changing decision and his anxiety regarding that. Kept everything aside, listened to what he had to say. Gave a couple of advices and I guess they were quite sensible ones to start a healthy relationship :) Just was when I was about to sleep, I ended up checking my watsapp and boom! this friend whom I had met in the evening was really ticked off by a family concern and I could not help lending a shoulder to her to cry on and just sorting things out step by step. Hope it works out for her!

I was told earlier today that I am a great friend, I listen to all my friends and I try solving their problems. I don’t know to what extent but I was genuinely missing good emotional conversations with folks I care for. There was too much of talking and listening today. But I felt that you always need a sane person around you to take care of you no matter how strong you are. You fall. You feel fragile. You feel so shattered to just hold on to your tears for long and want to pour them out unlike ever before. I’m happy today that I was of some use to my friends. My purposeless visit turned gave me this blog post today and good listening. May be I should do it often.

Spreading love! As always!


5 thoughts on “Purposeless visit of the City

  1. It’s always a pleasure when you know that someone is there for you to listen to your rants and things that have been bothering you and provide a solution for them..

    p.s. I have heard from someone else too that you give great advice.

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