Simple living

Trust me or not but everyday I try to write something or the other , yet I fail to do so considering the crazy work schedule I am having these days.  But today, I was meant to tell you all something I have started believing very strongly in. A simple living.

I have been going through a life changing phase these days. All my concepts about life in general and the purpose of living are changing somehow because of the influence of people around me has changed. There is a dilemma of how people treat other people. Emotionally , mentally and physically. When I look back 10 years in my life, things were far more simpler for me. You know why? Because I knew less about the world. With that limited knowledge of mine, I was leading a happy life. I had woes of my own that won’t matter to anyone but those were less intense as compared to my woes at this point in life.

The constant thought of everyone looking upto you, judging you for whatever you are going to say, questioning you for the sake of egoistic issues, arguing with you so your reputation could be put down in front of the public and tons of other things that become associated to you when you are in the eyes of public. All it does is to make you naive about little moments of happiness you used to feel good about 10 years back. Constant ignorance of what is being thrown towards you , makes you quite emotionless , affecting your personal life that you want to live on the principles of simple living.

As far as my belief is concerned, all of us are the simplest of all beings from inside. Deep down, all of us share this insecurity of fulfilling the expectations people have from us, hence we land ourselves in the complexities of life that make our lives complicated and the simple person inside us starts to die slowly. Things you used to object about, that used to bother you, will still bother you if you hold on to same value system you have been brought up in. But if you mould yourself as per the principles of society and people of influence around you, you might just ignore what you felt was wrong 10 years back. Hence it gives birth to the belief that says, May be it is meant to be that way.

Seen how parents and grand parents are? My maa, she is the same old simple person she was 30 years ago. For her, the world and the reviving concepts of freedom and popularity never meant anything. She laughs on the simplest jokes on TV, she enjoys cutting fruits and serving them to us, this being her ultimate moment of happiness. She wears what she feels comfortable in, carrying the same grace that existed 30 years back.

I on the other hand, am fighting with my own beliefs of living a simple life and learning to embrace happiness by what I liked doing in past.  Pushing myself to become the sane and normal person I had been, having less things to worry about. Compromising on the newly developed desires and emphasizing on what is more important.

Amusing fact : While writing this post, I had to think twice before writing a sentence if it would be perceived positively by the readers :) Sigh!!


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