Maa starts to write again

Sunday Morning is always different than usual weekday mornings. Not only the Joy of staying in bed for couple of hours longer helps you get away with 6 sleepless mornings but the complimentary Pathan hotel ka paratha or Halwa Puri ( that me and my friends call HP :P ) makes it even worth praising. I hardly talk about my family but most of the time my Maa is the highlight of all family related posts because she manages to create this magic after every other day that ends me up either in tears or makes me laugh with Joy.

Let me take you some 20 years back. I have seen myself growing up in an atmosphere where Maa would take the lead in terms of household management. Despite the fact that she has not even completed her secondary education, she would do all the maths in Urdu digits, write the daily grocery list and even read the newspaper in her spare time with her glasses sliding down her nose. She has always been a learner and till date she likes learning about new things. She would always tell us that she would have been a doctor if her studies wouldn’t have stopped because Nana passed away when she was quite young.

Time went by. All of us grew up. Maa happened to go through severe incidents of depression and severe health issues that took almost 10 years to heal. In the middle of fighting for her own survival and coping up with depression, she lost interest in pretty much everything. Household management was taken over by the rest of the family, divided responsibilities and things couldn’t lie in place the way Maa used to keep them. No more writing numbers, no reading newspapers, no more household chores for her because her health and mental status wouldn’t allow her to do any thing.

Today after so many days, when all of us were sleeping, she took out a pen and paper and wrote few things that needed to be given to our chawkidaar so he could buy. Ignore the grammar, Ignore the hand writing but the intention of getting back to her habits to own the place and see its management all over again, left me in tears. :’). Although she is 64 years old MashAllah but far more active, far more focused and competent than all of us because she has been brought up with the notion to stay strong and independent till she can.

Try to understand how your parents feel at old age. They never like asking their kids for anything. Know why? Because they fulfill their responsibility in bringing the best out of their children and expect them to return the same to them in their oldage. We, the kids, may not even understand how our parents feel when they have to bug us for their needs and we being so engrossed in our own social circles completely forget that we owe them our lives. Perhaps another life too if we had one.



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