Self Anger management

This other day I was turning my laptop on and as usual the battery was dead so I had to go and grab the charger from my room. Hence I was away from home for a week, things were pretty much not in their place and had to clean up quite a bunch of stuff. So I have this bad habit of leaving my charger in an unattended manner and most of the time it is found in a tangled shape. To make the expression on my face more clear, see below.

Since I was angry, I started untangling the wires in hurry and the knots wouldn’t move an inch. Something clicked in my head and I decided to untangle the wire slowly and gracefully, attending every knot one by one, analyzing the tough end and treating it well till it becomes easier to help the other knots go away and finally the problem was solved.

This was a very common situation that all of us lend into at some or the other point in life. But do we ever see the side of such tiny things trying to change our personalities and help us build patience, calming our nerves down and controlling our anger? I found this exercise pretty valuable to increase my patience level. I think people who conduct corporate training for employees dealing with anger issues can use this exercise to see how much patience one bears in order to approach the solution.

Consider this other example. Many of us experience a slow internet connection almost every other day. We post our anger tweets and facebook statuses expressing how agitated we are. Utilize that time in limiting your task to something that doesn’t require too much of the bandwidth. Experience the slow connectivity and see how different it feels once you get back your routine speed. You might need to learn to compromise with the slow internet few times but once you are happy with slow internet rather than No internet, you will feel the blessing in itself. :)

I hope this was a bit useful for you as I am planning to write more on self learning and self grooming stuff. That if my plan suffices hehe. Till then, keep spreading the love.


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