Social Psychology Course and Me

Since past few months ( yes months ) I had been craving to either learn or work on something that would keep me occupied or give me a sense of achievement. I was recommended to take this online course from which could be of my interest and I decided to take it! While browsing through the list of courses I found out Social Psychology Course from Wesleyan University that tempted me to sign up for it immediately as I always wanted to study this amazing subject that revolves around human behavior. Human behavior study fascinates me and helps me communicate with people having different perceptions about life. 

So I started taking the video lectures from Professor Scott Plous and I was amazed how he explained such difficult concepts of human behavior with such an ease. Oh wait. Does it look like a promotional post of Coursera to you? No its not. Trust me. Let me take you to the actual reason of why I sat down, took out few moments to write about this. 

Ever since I quit my job, I had lost that sense of achievement in my life that I would always get while making a significant contribution to my work life or even to my personal life. I would always react like a success kid ( I mean literally ) whenever there was a sense of accomplishment felt by me. It started off back in school when I received a small badge of high achiever in grade 7th. I ran to the stage with my fist in the air and everyone noticed me with a smile that what is wrong with this woman? This was continued till I graduated and even till I worked in my office. Today upon completion of my first assignment of the Social Psychology course, I unconsciously uttered ‘YES’ in the same way that I hadn’t done in long long time :) Trust me, it felt like a blessing to still have a brain that hasn’t been rusted till yet. 

I posted a status on facebook about this today that ‘At the end of the day, its all about influence’. I proved it myself. It was the influence of my work back then and it is the influence of my interest right now whatever I am able to achieve. :)


( for your reference – this is the me success kid today ) 


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