Sawa 14 August and the Reality

Before I even start talking about the play, how many of us are planning to move abroad or exploring options to leave Pakistan and settle in a different country? ( you can just nod or acknowledge in your heart . No need to tell me ). 

The reason why I asked you the question is what jinnah addressed towards the end of the play. He was furious, dishearten, depressed and agitated by what has been going on in the country. Yet he was hopeful that this place will be able to stabilize if the current generation is going to follow the values adopted by their ancestors. He wanted Pakistan to rise again, to flourish again, to be counted among the best places in the world. He wanted us to take the responsibility of this country. You , me , all of us. 

By the time the play ended, everyone was overwhelmed with jazbaat and ehsasaat for Pakistan after jinnah’s speech. I overheard people praising the actors, remembering the political eras of Zia and Bhutto and talking about rights of minorities and re-establishing their undying love for Pakistan. But you know what? it didn’t last for long. When I heard someone saying that ‘halaat kitne kharab hain’ or ‘Lets run out of this country’ or ‘Pakistan mai rakha hee kia hai’ etc.

I won’t share what happens in the play , neither am I going to discuss different characters associated with the play. ( That’s going to be a big spoiler ). Though I am completely mesmerized by the acting and dialogue delivery of brilliant satire written by Sir Anwar Maqsood and the efforts pulled off by KopyKat productions. Saying that, I am motivated and re-igniting my passion for staying in this country and owning it as my jinnah asked me to do so. Trust me, if you keep thinking that no one else is going to come and stand with you, that’s an easy way out to take yourself completely out of the picture. Think on the lines as ‘ if its not you, its gonna be no one else standing up for this country’

P.S Must watch the play. 


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