Why I do what I do.

Its been ages since I wrote something about myself, my life, my routine and stuff I have been doing lately. There is much to catch up on with you all and here I am once again with my latest post about what I have been doing lately that keeps me busy from coming here and talking to you all :)

I have started a couple of new ventures including a clothing brand called Taarkashi clothing and a small startup of desi mithais like Monthaal, anday ka mesu and malai khajas. For those who don’t know what these yummy sweets are, better check out the pictures I am posting along with this post. :)

The question is why? This has nothing to do with the fashion trends or being a part of the hustle bustle of women working from home and doing online businesses and generating income out of it. All of these things are definite outcomes that appear as perks when you are working online. I was always a people’s person and meeting people, learning new things from them was something I liked. This customer relationship management made me realize how sensitive the whole procedure of trusting someone online and making a purchase of thousands of Rupees where you are almost unsure of the credibility of the person sitting on the other end merely displaying her account number. Phew! Thanks to a few online groups that helped me gain reasonable credibility and I was considered a trusted seller. Meanwhile I came across couple of cases where it wasn’t anybody’s fault but yet I had to compensate since the customer is always right haina?

I wouldn’t rant about giving a marketing/customer service lecture. Conclusion being , this is an interesting industry and has much more potential to grow than we can think of. Its all about better relationships. Promptness. Greetings and being accommodating. Its all about consistency and not losing temper. A life long lesson on building up an emotional asset I would say. Nonetheless this has done my emotional grooming at such intricate levels that makes me believe that practical situations teach you a lot more than you can expect.

Now coming to the sweets business. Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? I lived my childhood eating the best of the best sweets in town and always wanted to share the taste with everyone else around me. Reason being there so much said and told about the old city area of Karachi which I cannot either relate to or am not ready to admit despite quite a few things being true. I decided to deal the situation in a whole different way. Distributing sweets is a part of our culture on the occasion of happiness or even after meelads and religious sermons. Its a gesture to show that you want to share your emotions with everyone else. Keeping that in mind and remembering my childhood tastebuds, I thought to give it a try and see how many more folks like me have lived a similar sweet toothed life? :) Turns out it is more than i expected to be. There are so many people who share the same taste-buds like me and are willing to try what I have liked. Started off with trials and bingo! Every week we deliver sweets around the city.

Life is all about these little things we do, small portions of food we share, making online interactions productive and not getting lost in the competition. Life is all about being happy. Being persistent. Being grateful for what we have and what is yet to come :)

More updates to come soon. Stay tuned.

mind blowing anday ka mesu prepared from eggs, sugar and ghee.

mind blowing anday ka mesu prepared from eggs, sugar and ghee.

Monthaal prepared from chanay ki daal , dry fruits and khoya.

Monthaal prepared from chanay ki daal , dry fruits and khoya.

scrumptious malai khaja all the way from m.suleman sweets kharadar.

scrumptious malai khaja all the way from m.suleman sweets kharadar.


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