You are your best teacher!

I guess the writing spree is taking my mind away from a lot of stuff and helping me convey some messages through this blog :) I had a very insightful and casual meeting today with a dear friend and my mentor for past 7 years. From the 3 hour long conversation/lunch that we had, one thing that I was able to extract was self learning. Learning about yourself by teaching yourself something. I know the idea sounds complicated but let me share a very basic example here.

I started writing when I was about 11 years old. I started my blog 8 years ago and just before writing this post I opened some of the oldest posts of mine and my my my! that young little energetic person inside me who was always supremely positive slapped me on my face and told me what the hell I had been doing all these years till date? Literally there are lectures and positivity flowing words of wisdom that I said back in the days when I was barely a graduate and after having an experience of so many years, I still feel that there is a lot that I could have taught myself which I didn’t.

The primary rule to be able to teach yourself something is to be HONEST to yourself. That is the key to open the learning opportunities from you. Trust your Gut feeling, Learn to say NO to what you dislike and value your being for who you are for how ALLAH has created you. Irrelevant to the fact that what improvements are needed but first is to put your stance above anybody else because no one should ever manipulate you to the core that you feel miserable about yourself. Nobody owns you but your Creator and you don’t owe anything to anyone. Whatever good is done is goodness inside you but NOT an obligation on you no matter how much you care about someone. So understand that in the book of life, its you who comes first. Without being arrogant or vulnerable but by being humble and kind.

Everyday you teach yourself something to reflect upon later. Forgive yourself first before you can forgive others :)






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