The thin line!

Today’s topic is very sensitive, critical and much needed to ponder upon. Its about differentiating between our emotions for people around us and how we react to them.
Before I start, I’d want you to think of one incident or a time period in your life where you had to really really fight the battle of mind and heart. Take a minute. Or two. Or may be 5. I don’t want you to get depressed but just reflect upon what you had to do.

Ok so here we go.

We have all heard about several words like sympathy, empathy, care, love and attraction. And we all have different ideas and meanings associated to these words. Most of these emotions or gestures are inter connected, mixed and dependant upon each other. So for instance if you care about somebody, you show empathy. Or if you are attracted to somebody, you start caring about them and are empathetic to their needs. Now here comes the real game when you have to cleverly choose how to act and react in a certain awkward or non awkward situation when it comes to your near ones, your friends and acquaintances.

Have you ever experienced a time when doing favours once or twice has led you to constant favours because you are immune to do so and you feel it has become your responsibility? Have you felt that your sympathy is taken as care and love by the other person and he/she feels like you love him/her too? Have you ever tried to get away from the feeling of betrayal and not being able to get away because you don’t want to hurt someone? If you have gone through ANY of this, THIS post is a MUST READ for you.

Its a brief learning experience that I want everyone to benefit from for future references whenever they feel themselves indulged in such situations. There is a very thin line between sympathy and care. Between love and attraction. We misunderstand and linger on to these emotions till we are done with them. So how to identify what? Its a simple litmus like test but for that test, your conscience needs to be clear enough to get perfect results. If you are socially active, helping people here n there, being accommodating to friends, trying to cheer everyone up, chances are you will show sympathy to people in need. The second stage to identify is having conversation with such people. If they keep ranting about bad things in their life, share financial problems, parent issues, work related issues, use abusive language, chances are they are trying to gain your sympathy and later on will become parasites. They will depend upon you for their emotional and financial needs. Later on hurting you to the core that you won’t have anything left.

This identification comes with time and experience. No one can teach you but YOU yourself can master the art of differentiating between your own reactions. Everything lies within you. You just need to be truthful to yourself.



One thought on “The thin line!

  1. A really good blog. I feel the same way. It comes with experience truly. It’s good to be an emotional person but better to know the thin line. Indeed, a sensitive topic it is but it’s deep too if you look at it like that.

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