Time limit

There is so much that has been written about discovering yourself and finding inner peace with all those motivational quotes coming your way on your Newsfeed trying to make you feel that you are the best person on earth and Nothing else matters but you. Today I am going to share my take on your purpose of living linked with the number of moments, days, months or years in someone’s life.

We all believe in the day when we won’t be in this world any more. We all know our existence here is just for a certain time period that we can never predict. If we start dividing our lives in chunks of sub-lives, like life1, life2, life3 and so on, this logical division will help us identify our purpose of existence in this world and in some particular person’s life.

I have an opinion and I strongly believe in the fact that Allah brings us near to people of all sorts. Whether good or bad, that we get to identify with our wisdom. We spend time with strangers, hang out with them, get to know them better, do each other favors, fall and rise in love, make vows and people who we genuinely feel connected to, we try keeping in touch often, get married, make new connections and thus our circle of network keeps growing till we die.

The logical division theory comes up when we have certain associations for a limited time period. Particularly relationships, friendships and conferences. We are destined to get connected with people who we meet in our lives. The moment our job is done, that plug is pulled out from the switch to be places somewhere else. Perhaps we are sent to teach a lesson to someone. Perhaps that person is teaching a lesson too. Perhaps a person is meant to bring you closer to Allah. Perhaps you are being tested by someone’s obnoxious behaviour. Perhaps some people are sent to you to make your life miserable so you can care about good times and good people around and willingly pull out the plug and reconnect with the old loved ones.

Every single time period and phase in your life is a logical division trying to help you see the bigger and better picture of your purpose of coming to this world. You need to keep all your senses alive to identify who is making a difference in your life and how can you make a difference in someone else’s life. We all have shortcomings that need to be addressed. Allow that one person to help you be a better person for this world. For your own self.



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