The healing process

So lately I haven’t written anything but I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Matter of fact I have started reading some good books that will surely enlighten many perspectives of life in front of me.

So this healing process of my life hasn’t been quite a pleasant one. Details later but there are so many people and so many emotions overwhelmingly involved that I was unable to focus on anything that would make me feel better. I have been reading a lot about negative and positive energies, frequencies and karma lately and most of it is making sense now when I look back at my life. I can easily differentiate between the negatives and positives and choose to be with who I want with no obligations.

So lets talk about healing process. Every wound, scar, breakup, agitation, ridicule and frustration is meant to be healed some or the other way. Nothing is constant in this world. Our lives aren’t constant, our dying isn’t either. We all have wavelengths and frequencies that we communicate with each other. Keeping the science aside, the healing process only begins when we really seek it! When we actually seek help from Almighty to heal our wounds. When we seek help from people around us to listen to us and advise us to move on in life. It only begins when asked for it. Otherwise you will remain in the whirlpool of your own thoughts and self made analysis and assumptions that will break you even more. All you have to say out loud ONCE only ONCE to HIM to anyone, What should I do to come out of it? Or make a request, Please get me out of it! And see the magic happening around you.

For me, healing process has been questions queries and support seeking from other people. Ironic right? The time when I need it the most, people should come and console and worry about me. That’s how we would think normally. But its complete opposite of what I thought. I started receiving so many requests from people for support and fundraisers and connections and what not. And in this entire process of sorting everyone else’s life, I completely went from miserable to motivated and rejuvenated. Why? Because it was actually the healing process decided for me from Almighty ALLAH. And it came this way.  Similarly you will find signs for your healing process too. From people, places, events, opportunities everything. And all you have to do is to just go with the flow of your life’s frequency.

There will be downsides staying longer than uphills. There will be darker lights making you blind other than guiding lights that brighten your days. There will be rougher roads to drive on as compare to smooth highways. But the belief that you will get through it, is going to pull you out of the discomfort you are in. The process isn’t easy. You need to take that first step to begin with.


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