I’m in your shoes

We often complain and ridicule ourselves with statements like ‘Why me?’ OR ‘Was I the only one?’ OR maybe to the extent of putting up fight with GOD and family and friends and isolating ourselves in distress with episodes of crying, blaming, demeaning ourselves. Ever wonder why there is so much pain and misery in your life when your friends , colleagues and relatives are living a contented life with all possible luxuries anyone could afford? We all feel like this either in phases or we feel consistently for a long period of time.

This is how I have perceived pain and misery over the years I have lived with or away from my family.

Every shortcoming or pain has its own perks. Perks? Really? Oh yes! Let’s evaluate some and you will be surprised how you form your actions in your life based on the miseries you have gone through.

I lost my father when I was 8. I became an orphan at a very young age. That emptiness still resides inside me but this major setback of my life made me realize how it feels to be an orphan. When I come across stories of demise of my friend’s parents, or friends living with single parent due to separation, I know exactly how it feels to be that child whose has unmet needs. This gives me a chance to show empathy, show love and care, understand their household issues and help them come up with a solution. This creates a great network of support and courage and they pass on the same gesture to fellow orphans around them.

Another one. Unemployment. I have always been a person who would find her way out some or the other way. Opportunities have come as quick as they can ever be. Alhamdulillah. Nonetheless my two phases of unemployment resulted in me understanding the pain a man goes through when he roams around the city with CV and finds no luck at the end of the day despite he is capable and qualified. This helped me realize the worth of hard earned money. Savings for survival. Weddings, Education, house car food what not. Now if anyone tells me he or she Needs a job,  I know exactly what they are going through.

Likewise there are breakups, emotional and financial sufferings, learning disabilities, Disabilities in general that teach you so much about the world around you. Sufferings are blessings. The more the merrier. Sufferings connect you to more people and happiness confine you to a handful of friends. Sufferings lead you to explore. Pain brings in the ability to seek light in the darkest times. I believe every human being is sent in the world to cater and bring a change to certain lives. Starts from one but there is no count for the change you pass on to your own and the next generation as it will keep multiplying indefinitely.


2 thoughts on “I’m in your shoes

  1. Exactly. I totally agree. Very well written and explained. Thanks for writing this. I hope we all could understand this. We can be so happy and contended if we realize all this.

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