Ramzan Mubarak!

Over the years Ramzan has become an entirely different ballgame for all of us. Our focuses, spirituality, food , prayers everything has taken a different turn altogether. Some of us still celebrate the month with zeal with everyone whereas some go completely solo on the spiritual journey , detoxifying from the demons that reside inside us.

Today after getting off from a long call of a dear friend after I don’t know how many years that we spoke to each other, I realized that one thing I always did in Ramzan was write gratitude posts for people who I hold close to me, who I can count on and who will stand by my side no matter what happens. The memories of gratitude made me realise that somewhere I had lost that public appreciation of friends around me who I always used to talk about and who I always contact whenever I am in need or otherwise.

I cannot be more happy to have friends turning into mentors, helping me restart a new life, get back on track, make me smile and make posts thinking about me without letting me know that they care. Allah has been really kind and I know HE always will be. Gratitude is perhaps the only gesture when given, gives you back multiplied by two, three or even more.

This is going out to you all! To each one of you who knows me , who appreciates me for who I am, corrects me, and most importantly be there for me. :)


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